AT&T Prepaid每月8GB的data plan, 現在特價一年$305, 另有無限通話以及簡訊
Your plan will include 360 days of AT&T Prepaid Service with:
1. Unlimited Talk (in & between U.S./Mexico/ Canada)
2. Unlimited Texts (U.S./Mexico/Canada, and to to over 100 countries)
3. First 8GB of data at 4G LTE speed (then unlimited 2G data at 128kbps speed thereafter) every 30-day cycle in the U.S./Mexico/Canada.
4. Mobile Hotspot included

Mrrebates還有機會得到$50的cashback, 如為首次使用, 推薦人可以寫, 算是贊助論壇的