瀏覽完整版本 : kamada soy sauces 合購/團購 Boston Area

Jennifer Lee
2009-07-06, 03:26 PM
HI! I would like to start a kamada soy sauces 合購/團購 to save on shipping and I just simply can't use that much soy sauces by myself, I am located the Boston metro Area, If anyone is interested please e-mail me at

This is their website http://www.kamadafoods.com/english/index.html, please check for details.

My 合購 is extremely small due to first time. This 合購 will end on 7/13/2009

Please e-mail me ONLY :if you are interesetd and we can discuss in details.

1. My target 合購 is for 3 sets to split (Kamada Somen Noodle Set, Kamada Gourmet set and Tokachi Soba Set)

2. The cost per participants will be divided amoung the final number of people. I will e-mail you with your share of damage.

3. Payment will be due when we 面交. Cash Only Please :873d93aa:

4. 面交only in front of Tufts New England Medical Center (Perfereably Monday through Friday after 4:30PM, but other times can be arranged).

5. Please keep your promises.:4a46b55d02000oic: I don't do this to make money. I just simply wanna try the soy sacuse without buying a truck load.

I thank you in advance for reading my lengthy message:0439690c:. If this OH! My god it's sooo small 合購 worked. I will start a another 合購 in about a month. and the product will probably be MY DEAR DIARY FACIAL MASKS 我的美麗日記., Lifecella日本久光 and Neogence.

Thank you and have a good day!